Michelle Chang started her jewelry company in her native city of NY in 2007.  She studied fine art, design, and architecture and was an interior designer and editorial illustrator before she became a jeweler.  Today, she is located in southern California where she and her assistants hand make every piece in her sunny Los Angeles studio, with the help of the company's furry mascot canines, Bing and Indy.  Michelle's designs have a modern yet classic feel, with a distinct yet subtle edge.  She finds her inspiration from many sources including her love of nature, art, travel, SCUBA, design and architecture.

"....for me, jewelry making is drawing, design, sculpture, and craft embodied in a tiny object that can be worn and which I hope will provide lasting meaning and value to the wearer...."

Cornell University, BS / University of Copenhagen, Dept. of Architecture / SF Academy of Art, BFA
Past to Present: 
Seoul, Korea :: NYC :: Ithaca, NY :: Copenhagen, Denmark :: NYC :: Lille, France :: NYC :: Seoul, Korea :: Tokyo, Japan :: San Francisco, CA :: NYC :: Los Angeles, CA